Strength calculations

strength calculations

The company «AtomSeismicProject» provides wide range of strength and reliability calculations of technological equipment, pipes and building constructions for following facilities and enterprises:
  1. facilities using nuclear energy including NPP;
  2. facilities of oil and gas transportation and processing;
  3. power facilities;
  4. industrial and civilian facilities.

Depending on the requirements of normative documents, state standards, building norms and rules operating in the Russian Federation strength calculations can include:

  • calculation on choosing main dimensions;
  • static strength calculation;
  • natural frequencies and coupled modes calculation;
  • cyclical strength calculation;
  • throughflow capacity calculation;
  • hydrodynamic and hydrostatic calculation (for tanks and reservoirs)

Building constructions and outside equipment are necessarily calculated considering load from externally acting factors, such as :

  • wind loads (wind resonance and pressure);
  • snow loads;
  • loads from wires tension and icing, electrodynamic loads from short-circuit current (for electrical power high voltage equipment);
  • seismic loads.

Calculations on technological equipment and NPP pipes strength and also oil and gas transportation facilities are complemented by seismic load and also aircraft crash and airblast load.

In the strength NPP equipment calculations we take into account normal use conditions, regimes of non-normal use and design accident event. Normal use loads – internal pressure, operating temperature, nipple loads, dynamic loads from rotating parts etc.

According to the customer’s needs and the equipment specificity (constructions) calculations can be done both on projecting stage and on the stages of startup and continuing operating time.

Technological equipment strength calculations are done with the help of licensed in «NTC YARB» software solution Zenit-95 realizing finite element method. Program Zenit-95 has a several significant benefits compared with foreign analogues, such as:

  • an opportunity to cooperate with the developers of the program which allows taking into account specific sectoral features in the calculations;
  • using mathematical algorithms of calculations regulated  by Russian normative documents.

Calculations of building constructions and structures are made in program software solution SCAD.

Doing strength calculations at the stage of projecting new equipment and mass-produced constructions allows minimizing manufacturing and operation charges at the expense of choosing optimal materials, analysis and optimization of constructive solution.

Strength calculations are done in strict compliance with the requirements of Russian normative documents, such as:

  • PNAE Г-7-002-86 Norms of strength calculations and NPP pipes;
  • NP-068-05 Pipeline valves. Generic specifications;
  • GOST R 52857.4-2007 Vessels and devices. Standards and methods of strength calculations. Generic requirements;
  • GOST R 52857.4-2007 Vessels and devices. Standards and methods of strength calculations. Strength and airtightness calculations of flange;

According to the results of performed calculations we estimate stressed-deformed state and strength of frame and internal elements of flange and weld-in connections, bolts and studs. Strength and carrying capacity of support structures, tightness are also estimated. In the case of non-conforming strength specification, specialists of the company «AtomSeismicProject» necessarily find technical decisions aimed at guaranteed strength of constructions and equipment.

Examples of strength calculations

Electromatic rotationally symmetric adjusting valve

 Electrometric rotationally symmetric adjusting valve
Base cover of the pillar string

strength calculation of the pillar string
Frame elements stationary interceptor

Frame elements SOU

Gas pressure regulator

Gas pressure regulator cover
Diversions of ventilation system for nuclear and thermal power stations

Diversions of ventilation system for nuclear and thermal power stations.
 Gas pressure regulator cover Flange gas pressure regulator