Complex tests NKU

The company “AtomSeismicProject “ has done complex mechanical and climatic tests of low-voltage switchgear.Despite the fact that this equipment got power tested in the laboratory of the producing European country for realization items in the Russian Federation there should be a validation to declared groups of mechanical and climatic construction and also durability to seismic loads.

The company “AtomSeismicProject “  has great experience in such “on a turnkey basis ”testings.In a short time our specialists on the base of accredited laboratory have done all necessary tests, resulting in properly executed preport documentation in total compliance with operating normative standards of the Russian Federation. During tests there was an engineer of the manufacturing company who was controlling quality of works and workability of the item before and after tests.

The aim of tests – is to confirm compliance with the requirements of state standards 15150-69, state standard 14254-96 – climatic modification UHL, diplacement category 4, сcompliance with the requirements оf state standard 30546.1-98, state standard 30546.2-98, state standard 30546.3-98, state standard 23216-78, state standard 17516.1-90 in the durability to seismic loads, intensity 9 points on a scale MSK-64 and set-up of items in buildings on grades up to +10,0m, mechanical modification М43  for single-action impacts and М7 for reoperable impacts, transport conditions - M (middle).

Climatic tests

·        High temperatures tests up to +50°С

·        Low temperatures tests up to -50°С

·        Humidity tests up to 80% at 25°С

·        Tests on blanket safety from the water - 5X;

Мechanical tests

·        Seismic stability and vibro strength tests- 9 points[ЕР1]  on a scale MSK-6

·        Single-action impacts – on compliance with mechanical modification М43

·        Conditions of reoperable impacts  - on compliance with mechanical modification М7     Transport conditions - M (middle).

Climatic tests

Испытания на воздействие повышенных температур
Испытания на воздействие пониженных температур
Испытания на степень защиты оболочки от воды

Mechanical tests

Сейсмостойкость - 9 баллов по шкале MSK-64 удары одиночного и многократного действия