IAEA Seminar on seismic safety of nuclear stations


The company “AtomSeismicProject”, LLC took part in IAEA seminar (of International Atomic Energy Agency) held from 06.02.2017 to 10.02.2017 at Rosenergoatom Concern dedicated to providing seismic resistance of current units of nuclear stations using methodic and procedures recommended by IAEA .

On the seminar, there were such representatives of nuclear stations as Concern Rosenergoatom, NTC YARB, Atomtehenergo and external organizations implementing an estimation of seismic safety margin of nuclear stations including technical equipment “Resurs”, LLC, “CKTI Vibroseim”, LLC and others.

On the seminar were considered probabilistic and deterministic approaches to estimation of seismic safety margin of NPP units overall, including procedures reflected in IAEA standards: SMA – Seismic Margin Assessment and GIP - Generic Implementation Procedure. These procedures allow without extra conservatism, specific to Russian practice, estimate seismic safety margin of NPP unit overall and based on experience in the real post-earthquake, having affected industrial facilities and nuclear stations in USA and other countries.

On the seminar was also considered an experience of using the outlined procedures at Russian NPPs. There was discussed the potential of developing additions to Russian regulatory basis of seismic safety margin estimation of NPP in particular to the normative document NP-031-01.

The company “AtomSeismicProject”, LLC is intended to take part in realization of IAEA program on qualification of Russian NPP power units using up-to-date approaches tested on the territory of USA and Western Europe countries, also based on big experience of the company’s experts on qualification of equipment seismic resistance of launch and operating nuclear stations in conditions of actual state using alternative experimentally calculated method.