Seismic resistance tests of air drive for “Festo-RF”

The company “AtomSeismicProject” has done tests of the air-operated gear GBVA/DAPS-1440, developer and manufacturer “FESTO-RF”, LLC, Russia. As a representative of the type for seismic resistance tests was chosen production sample of items. The aim of tests is to determine seismic resistance of the level  MCE (maximum credible earthquake) 9 points on a scale MSK-64 and level PE (project earthquake) 8 points on a scale MSK-64 of the elevated system up to +30,0 m.

There were done such tests:

·        Determination of resonance frequencies of the item in the range of  5-35 Hz;

·        Seismic resistance determination of the item in the seismic load, level MRZ (9 points on a scale MSK-64) and grade up to +30,0 m

The item was tested in both horizontal and vertical directions. According to the results of visual control during and after tests on seismic resistance, there were not mechanical damages or deformation.

Air drives GBVA/DAPS-1440, developer and manufacturer “FESTO-RF”, LLC
meet the requirements -  state standard 30546.1-98, state standard 30546.2-98 in durability to seismic loads MRZ 9 points intensity on a scale MSK-64 and high grade in the buildings up to +30 m.

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