Calculations of the rotary ball valve constructed for “Gazprom”, PJSC

The company “AtomSeismicProject” made the calculations of the rotary ball valve ZSPА39002-200-02 designed for “Gazprom”, PJSC…

This valve realizes new approaches to the armature engineering, includes peculiarities of the closure’s work which complicate strength estimation because of non-standard force diagram of the internal elements. Specialists of the company in close cooperation with the client have done great work on the analyses of the valve construction for calculating full range of loadings and specifying the finite element model. As a result of this active work there has been done a high-quality level estimation of valve seismic resistance which allows attesting new production for deliveries at gas-distributing stations and facilities of gas industry in the earthquake-prone regions.

​Stuctural scheme of the item

Tension in the body of the item



Tension in the supports of the item