Video presentation of the company "АtomSeismicProject"


Shooting, editing - Andrew Khachatryan



Voice - Evgeny Zimin





The company “АtomSeismicProject" deals with confirmation and increasing of seismic resistance of the equipment of power facilities in accordance with the modern requirements.



Based on high expertise, long experience and testing powers, we can carry out research testing on seismic resistance of the equipment of any complexity, dimensions and mass. Thus, we guarantee its safe work directly at power facilities with the workload of 9 points.



Studying technical documents, using up-to-date computer systems allow identifying and analyzing weak points of constructions seismically loaded at the stage of designing. While surveying complicated systems, equipment and constructions we use experimentally calculated method of seismic resistance validation. 



An expert comes to the manufacture or to the place of equipment exploitation, carries out the detailed inspection of the constructions, reference cells, and determines vibration characteristics. The data is used for modeling seismic load and analyses of seismic stability. This method is used without the possibility of real durability tests.



According to the result of testing, the validation protocol and seismic resistance certification are given on which the equipment can be used on the facilities situated in the quake-prone regions.


Qualification and experience of experts, using up-to-date technologies, successful cooperation with clients guarantee positive results of certification of the equipment for nuclear stations, gas and oil and electric-power industry facilities.



Geography of the clients and partners of the company "AtomSeismcProject" covers most Russian regions, countries in Eastern and Western Europe.



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