The professor S. P. Kaznovsky has died

On the 21st of March 84-year old honorable engineering worker of the RF, honored worker of nuclear industry, participant of Ghernobyl NPP distress consequences liquidation, professor, Doctor of Technical Science, Stanislav Petrovich Kaznovsky has died.

After graduating from MEPhi in 1955 S.P.Kaznovsky worked at Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (Obninsk), in "VNIIAM", PJSC and since 2011 in the seismic safety department of "Atomtehenergo", PJSC.

In 1979 after an earthquake in Romania for examining consequences of the earthquake to NPP "Kozloduy" (Bulgaria) and developing extra anti-seismic actions, S.P. Kaznovsky created seismic resistance department in VNIIAM. Under his supervision there was developed and patented the method of experimentally-calculated estimation of equipment seismic resistance, which was reflected in State documents (NP-064-05, NP-031-01, state standard 17516.1-90, state standard 30546.3-98 etc.), industry guidance documents.

Developed by S.P. Kaznovsky, method of experimentally-calculated seismic resistance estimation is realized in 33 power units of 11 NPPs in Russia and abroad, also under the international coordination of MAGATE (S.P. Kaznovsky was an expert in seismic safety in MAGATE between 1993 and 2003).

S.P. Kaznovsky had invaluable long experience and knowledge, reflected in thousands of scientific publications and monograph of NPP seismic safety, transmitted to his students who are successfully continuing his lifework nowadays.

Cherished memory about Stanislav Petrovich Kaznovsky will live forever in our hearts.