There were made strength and seismic resistance calculations of fans of the “Radiway” type
According to the results of the calculations in cooperation with the manufacturer, there were developed mitigations of earthquake damage of fans…

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The company "AtomSeismicProject" congratulates on a Victory Day!
The company "AtomSeismicProject" congratulates everyone on the 72th anniversary of the great holiday - Victory Day! Our duty is to remember that terrible...

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Experimentally-calculated analysis of seismic resistance of GIS
Experimentally-calculated analysis of seismic resistance of Gas Insulated Substation on nominal voltage 330 kV...

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Complex tests NKU
There have been done complex tests of NKU - on climatic external factors, mechanical impact nd seismic resistance tests...

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Wireway climatic tests
There have been done done wireway climatic tests of the ТPLА-10-3150-161 UHL1 type, the developer and manufacturer – “RTK-ELEKTRO-М”, LLC...

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Congratulate on the 8th of March!!!
Sweet and charming women! With deep excitement and total sincerity congratulate you on the 8th of March!...

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IAEA Seminar on seismic safety of nuclear stations
The company “AtomSeismicProject”, LLC took part in IAEA seminar (of International Atomic Energy Agency) held…

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Calculations of the rotary ball valve constructed for “Gazprom”, PJSC
The company “AtomSeismicProject” made the calculations of the rotary ball valve ZSPА39002-200-02 designed for “Gazprom”, PJSC…

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Seismic resistance tests of air drive for “Festo-RF”
The company “AtomSeismicProject” has done the calculations of the rotary ball valve ZSP39002-200-02 designed for “GAZPROM”, PJSC…

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Video presentation of the company "АtomSeismicProject"
The company "AtomSeismicProject deals with validation and increasing seismic resistance of the equipment...

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The professor S. P. Kaznovsky has died
On the 21st of March has died 84-year old honorable scientist in the field of nuclear seismic safety...

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Rostehnadzor license
We want to announce that company "АtomSeismicProject", LLC got a Rostehnadzor license on exploitation of nuclear...

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