Environmental tests


We do a wide range of works providing necessary testing, calculations and equipment certificating. "On a turnkey basis" for supplies to any industrial power facility and to nuclear stations!

Validation and certification of technological equipment particularly for NPP is a complicated multicomponent task, requiring availability of qualified quality unit, long time and financial spending. The main complications and expenses are connected with the necessity of testing in various organizations situated in different Russian regions. Besides, it is essential to deliver equipment to the testing areas.

Testing of the production is better to entrust to the professional laboratory, which can make an independent, objective assessment. One of the leading Moscow companies «AtomSeismicProject» uses software and technical tools which allow carrying out accurate testing and quality control.

We are familiar with the difficulties which every organization faces, desires and aim of getting access to new sales markets, expansion of production, taking part in tenders of delivering equipment to public corporations in the power industry.

The most important question is a validation of produced and delivered equipment to government and sectoral standards and normative documents.

To send a request on testing and equipment qualification you can via e-mail: info@asepro.ru

We offer our clients integrated approach of testing and equipment qualification (tests and qualification "On a turnkey basis"):

  • we will work out a program and method of complex certificating tests (research) of your equipment and help to operate technical conditions in terms of testing;
  • will find test centers and laboratories with the most optimal price, quality and distance to the facility or arrive ourselves at your manufacture;
  • will take equipment from your facility, deliver it to the tests’ place and return it back guaranteeing integrity and preservation;
  • will provide full technical support and author’s supervision of the testing process;
  • will prepare and agree on necessary bodies the Test reports;
  • will draw up necessary certificates.

We provide following types of tests and research:

Testing on electromagnetic compatibility;

Testing on influence of the mechanical factors:

  • vibration and vibration strength tests;
  • resistance tests;

Testing on climatic factors:

  • cold resistance tests ;
  • humidity tests;
  • thermocycling tests;
  • high temperatures tests

Calculations on technical equipment and pipes:

  • static strength calculations;
  • cyclic strength calculations;
  • resistance calculations;
  • dynamic strength calculations;
  • evaluation of technical condition and residual life.

Completion of certificates of conformity, declarations etc.;

Development of methods of complex certification equipment testing.

By contacting us, you:

  • Will rid yourself from problems connected with organization of necessary tests!
  • Will save your and your employees time !
  • Increase profits by using new sales markets!