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For more than 10 years Russian company "AtomSeismicProject" has been working on safety and reliability calculation issues of industrial facilities in the power industry, concerning environmental and mechanical factors.

Core activities:
  • Tests, calculations and certification of seismic resistance;
  • Strength and reliability calculations;
  • Structural analysis on the impact of snow, wind, glaze, short-circuit current etc.
  • Tests on mechanical and climatic external influences.
We make tests and calculations of the equipment and constructions of any type, dimensions and weights for compliance with the requirements of facilities in nuclear energy, oil and gas and power industries.

Among employees of the company there are the best professionals specializing on strength and seismic stability of the power-generating equipment in nuclear plants and other industrial facilities. Many specialists have great experience in working in large and famous corporations directly connected with nuclear industry.

seismic stability - tests and calculations - General director"Specialists of the company have more than 10 years of experience in evaluating seismic stability, and also developing and implementing technical decisions of seismic safety assurance of different technological equipment, pipes and building constructions of power facilities. The main task of the company "AtomSeismicProject" - is to provide all the clients with convenient terms of cooperation. We consider that seismic resistance of the modern industrial power equipment can be achieved by simple and inexpensive technical measures and decisions. According to the results of calculating and experimental studies, the specialists of the company obligatory develop decisions and give recommendations, aimed at guaranteed provision of required seismic stability. So, this provides guarantee of positive results of evaluation and certification. Realizing all types of work is carried out with the strict conformity of the requirements of domestic normative documents and standards, this obviates all our clients from the difficulties during the agreement with the supervisory authorities and inspections of the certification protocols and equipment seismic qualification, processed in "AtomSeismicProject".
Company "AtomSeismicProject" is ready to invite you to cooperation!"
General Director "AtomSeismicProject" LLC, Ph.D. - Arseny P. Kaznovsky
Reviews of our clients
  • Siemens

    For many years company "Siemens" cooperates with you in the field of defining seismic resistance of modern high voltage electrotechnical equipment produced at the plants of SIEMENS AG concern. Working with you and your colleagues has always been a pleasure because your work is characterized by a competent and businesslike approach. You have managed to always somehow exactly define the tasks and solve them with the shortest but best ways.

  • Company "KRUS-ZAPAD"
    We want to express our gratitude to the specialists of the company “AtomSeismicProject”, LLC for personal professionalism, high quality of works and efficiency of solving all questions. Services rendered by your company in the field of experimentally calculated estimation of seismic resistance of industrial equipment helped to achieve timely plan fulfillment of production and items-procurement. We are looking forward to the future productive cooperation and collaboration.
    We thank you for operational reaction to all emerging issues, timely informing about the work results and constructive solution of all tasks.
  • "Plant Invertor", JSC
    We recommend your organization "AtomSeismicProject" as the most competent service market in the field of seismic resistance and mechanical strength of electrotechnical equipment since we are sure that you know your business, treasure your partners and clients, quickly react to all questions and successfully solve them!
  • "VEZА", LLC

    Company "VEZA" extends its sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to the team of company "AtomSeismicProject" for qualitative and quick work connected with equipment seismic qualification.


    We extend our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for professional and quick work on seismic qualification of rotary gas-blowers.

  • "TEHNOS-М+", LLC

    "ТEHNOS-М+" has been cooperating with experts of the company "AtomSeismicProject" for more than 5 years. Through high level of professionalism and responsibility of your employees, – production of the company "ТЕHNOS-М+" - gas-extinguishing modules series "АТАКА" - is in the register of vendors of oil and gas complex, nuclear industry, RZHD.


    We are grateful to the team of the company "AtomSeismicProject" for qualitative and within the deadline services of seismic stability attestation produced by "Elektromash", PJSC – voltage regulator СТС-ZN-1 and item SHUOT.

    Cooperation with you brings genuine pleasure as the team of highly-qualified specialists of "AtomSeismicProject" solves production tasks on a high level and considers the wishes of the clients.

  • "VOLTA", LLC

    We are grateful to the stuff of the company "AtomSeismicProject" for quick and qualitatively work "Seismic resistance qualification of porcelain stick-pedestal insulators of optical IC on voltage from 20 to 110 kilovolts.

    Work organization on a high level, delicate attitude to our desires, participation in harmonization and promotion of documentation – just few of many positive moments peculiar to your company!

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  • Cooperate with accredited laboratories
  • Use only licensed software
  • Measuring equipment timely certified and calibrated
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